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The word Karate means "empty hand" and usually this is preceded with the symbol for '-do' which means "The way of the empty hand." This means that those who practice karate live by it as a way of life. Karate challenges you to always strive to better yourself and turn away from unnecessary altercations when possible. It also teaches self-defense for the times when avoiding the fight is not possible.

Join USA Karate to learn our unique style of mixed martial arts that takes heavy influences from the karate style. Karate will teach self-discipline and build self-confidence for people of all ages. Are you interested in learning more about us? Sign up here on the website or contact us today!

The History of Shotokan Karate

Today there are four main styles of karate in Japan: Shotokan, Goju-ryu, Shito-ryu, and Wado-ryu. Shotokan Karate was created by Gichin Funakoshi, born in Shuri, Okinawa on November 10, 1868, and died April 26, 1957. Taking influences from his teachers Anko Itosu and Anko Asato, Gichin Funakoshi founded the Shotokan Karate style and was also known as the “father of modern karate” for his part in spreading the teachings of karate to the rest of Japan in 1922. He also became honorary head of the Japan Karate Association upon its establishment in 1949.

Shotokan was the name of the first dojo built in 1936 by Funakoshi, located at Mejiro, a residential district of Toshima, Tokyo, Japan. Funakoshi never actually named his style, referring to it only as karate. Shoto, meaning “waving pines” was the pen name he used when writing poetry, and the word kan in Japanese means house or hall. His students were actually the ones who coined the term, hanging a sign that read shōtō-kan above the entrance to the dojo, to honor their sensei.

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Devon Nixon -

"I can't say enough positive things about this school. Myself, 2 of my children and my niece and nephew attend. It has been very good for all of us."

M Gabriela Cisneros -

"They honestly care about children's discipline and self-esteem. They will go the extra mile for your children."

Sewah Johnson Bower -

"Friendly staff, clean facility. My son loved his first class and can't wait to go back!"

Candice S. - 

"Great after school program. My kids have been coming here for about 3 years now and they still love it. They pick them up from school before the car rider line starts. They provide snacks and time to do their homework. They have class every day and can do sparring once they advance in class. They have belt promotions and tournaments. The instructors are the same ones from the day they started. The staff are all friendly and so nice to the kids. The summer program is awesome too! They have class every day and sparring like the regular year. They do field trips and lots of active games every week. My kids love USA karate, and my husband and I do too!"


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Thursday: 2:00pm - 9:00pm
Friday: 2:00pm - 7:00pm

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