Top 7 Martial-Arts Styles For Self Defense

We are counting down the 7 top martial-arts styles for self-defense in 2020. Anyone can learn martial arts and benefit from its teachings. If nothing else, martial-arts allow people to stay active and healthy well into old age because it promotes a healthy lifestyle. However, there is another reason people are drawn to learn martial-arts.

Many people seek to do more than just stay healthy, but also to sharpen their own skills and learn powerful self-defense techniques. Some even believe that with enough training in any martial-arts, the human body can become a very dangerous weapon. Which of the martial-arts is the best for pure self-defensive capabilities? Read on to learn more about each style and decide which one you think is best, you might be surprised by what you learn!


If you consider raw striking speed and power, boxing can be a very effective means of self-defense. Focusing mainly on single strikes and throwing punches, combined with fast and constant movement and footwork. Those things used properly in unison are quite the pair. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.


This sport requires great strength and skill to practice, and injuries do occur often. As far as its usefulness in real-world situations, anyone who’s ever been a victim to a wrestling slam or choked out by a grapple hold will tell you, it really works.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Many fighting styles teach to stay above your enemy at all costs and throw them to the ground while you stay standing. This is a style that prepares the user for any attack and teaches defense even from the ground. Quick decisive moves decide the outcome for users of any Jiu-Jitsu.

Muay Thai

Thailand gave us Muay Thai fighting style that focuses on using shins, knees, elbows, and fists as hard striking weapons. Users must harden their body and sharpen their mind to use this stle to its full potential. However, this style of fighting has been proven a very successful means of self-defense.


The point of the Judo sport in Japan is to throw down or subdue the opponent. Pins, joint locks, chokes, and even weapons defense are all employed when one learns the fighting style known as Judo.

Krav Maga

An Israel military developed style, Krav Maga actually focuses on real-world situations, so it can really help when you need to employ some self-defense. Taking influences from a mixture of styles, Krav Maga emphasizes efficient threat neutralization, brutal life-ending counter-attacks.

Mixed Martial Arts

This is most likely the answer to which you seek. The best style of them all is not one style, with all its limits and graces, but a combination of perhaps all the styles. Mixed Martial Arts will use the best parts of many styles to understand and attain the goal. To master your own fighting style, is to continue learning and using martial arts in every way and in all parts of your life.

To read more about these styles and to watch them used in action check out the original article here!

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